February 2018

Improvements to Genesis Masthead

The improved version (LGMRU4x4v2) has a number of new features including a push button and LED display to facilitate easy programming.  There are now two auxiliary relays that can be programmed as a group tamper, group alarm or set and un-set status.  This means that all eight relays can be used for alarms only and the associated tampers grouped together and outputted on one of the AUX relays.  It is also possible to select a group of unit numbers to activate an AUX relay as well as activating their own individual relays.  Just as with the previous LGMRU4x4 you can configure the relays to be four alarms with four tampers.

 The receiver works in conjunction with the new Genesis Key Fob (LGKF) allowing users to set and un-set alarms.  Duplex communication confirms command.  You can select which alarm numbers you wish to set and un-set or let it default to all.  You can also use the key fob for the remote control of doors and gates for example by assigning it to one of the AUX relays.

 There is also an inhibit input which allows you to connect a switch to set and un-set all alarms or a selected group of alarms.

An expander module (LGREM4x4v2) plugs directly on the PCB providing a further eight relays.