Introducing the Easyswitch Wireless HVAC Transmitter

October 2011

Easyswitch Wireless HVAC Transmitter

Luminite introduces the new EasySwitch Wireless HVAC Transmitter.

Luminite, the UK-based manufacturer of EasySwitch wireless remote controls and PIR detector systems, has now introduced its new four channel HVAC transmitter to the Easyswitch product range.

The EST4HVAC transmitter works in conjunction with other products in the EasySwitch range, in particular the ESR1 single circuit and ESR4 four circuit receivers.

The purpose of this product is to facilitate mains control switching where power cables cannot be run.
This EST4HVAC is Mains Powered and uses the latest Power Saving Circuitry so that it does not waste energy during its lifetime. The control inputs are also Mains Voltage so that this product can be connected to other mains voltage products such as time clocks, motorized valves etc.

Luminite recognized the need for this product after receiving many calls from Heating Engineers and Electricians wanting to adapt EasySwitch products to overcome problems where they simply could not run cables. The EST4HVAC was developed in conjunction with these customers to fill the need exactly and save time and money on installations.

Luminite designs and manufactures wireless and hard-wired PIR detection systems, built and supported in the UK. For more information on the PIR detection range or for training on PIR installation good practice, contact Luminite on 020 8368 7887 or by email.