Genesis 2
LG2HW series
PIR detectors for
CCTV activation.


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Genesis 2 is a stylish design utilizing High Performance Special Black Optical Mirrors and Quad Element Pyro Sensors for highly responsive, accurate detection with excellent false alarm immunity.

The view angle is covert and cannot be ascertained by looking at the product. Additionally the product is less prone to unauthorised adjustment as there are no external movable parts.

The new easy access programme feature with LED display makes set up and testing very simple. Walk testing is made simple by the facility to plug in a temporary transmitter module (TXG2) which will work with the LGWT434 Genesis Walk Test instrument, thus enabling accurate area coverage setting.

The enclosure is a pleasing silver colour with a white window making it suitable for modern design buildings whilst disguising its true purpose. Weather rating is IP66 and has two options for cable entry. Powered from an external power supply, this product has a versatile input voltage range that can range from 12 volts to 24 volts AC or DC and there are two optically isolated relay contacts to provide alarm and tamper.

Two detection range types are available to choose from when ordering which give different coverage as shown in the Detection Patterns below. Distance can be adjusted from longer to shorter as required.

Test Transmitter Module

The LG2TM434 TEST TRANSMITTER MODULE is a new component for use with the HARD WIRED GENESIS 2 models.

The test transmitter module simply plugs onto the detector next to the new LED display to enable you to easily walk test the unit wirelessly using our Walk Test instrument (LGWT434).

The transmitter can be left permanently in the hard wired Genesis 2 making it a hybrid detector with relay outputs and transmission to EasySwitch or Genesis receivers, enabling remote lighting control and switching as well as alarm interface locally and remotely.


  LG2HW3020 LG2HW6004
BS8418 compliant Yes Yes
Detector lens 30mx20m 60mx4m
Mounting height (m) 2.5 - 4.0 2.5 - 4.0
Enclosure tamper (front & rear) Yes Yes
Shock sensor Yes Yes
Anti masking (Cloak) Yes Yes
Two relay outputs - normally closed alarm and tamper Yes Yes
Multi voltage input (12-24 AC~DC) Yes Yes
Enclosure: Weatherproof to IP66 Yes Yes
Temperature compensation Yes Yes
Temperature range: -10°C to +60°C Yes Yes


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