LGRS series
RS485 Wired
PIR detectors for
CCTV activation.


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The LGRS range of Wired Passive Infra Red Detectors (PIR) have been designed to meet the newest and most demanding requirements of the CCTV market.

These detectors not only meet but surpass the requirements needed for a BS8418 Remote Monitored System. Inside the PIR is a powerful microprocessor which uses complex algorithms to determine the validity of an activation. With this technology nuisance alarms are significantly reduced whilst maintaining optimum detection.

These detectors have low power MOS relays for the alarm and tamper outputs as well as an RS485 output to enable up to 64 detectors to be connected together with one 4 core cable. These PIR detectors contain a shock sensor and light sensor to enhance its anti-tamper features which now include physical attack and anti-cloaking. A thermal sensor adjusts the parameters of the PIR in extremes of heat and cold to maintain optimum performance.

The LGHW 'Hard Wired' Range are the same as above but without RS485.


BS8418 compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Detector lens 30mx20m 15mx20m 40mx4.5m 12m horizontal curtain 12m vertical curtain
Mounting height 2.5 metres
Enclosure tamper Anti tamper.
Shock sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti masking (Cloak) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Periodic poling Every 100m/s Periodic with lens type and PIR settings.
Two relay outputs Normally closed alarm and tamper.
Network RS485
Enclosure Weatherproof to IP66. Polycarbonate with stainless steel locking bolts.
Temperature compensation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature range -10°C to +60°C.
Dimensions H183mm x W130mm x D187mm