VHF Wireless
PIR Detector.


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The TX500 Wireless Detectors are battery operated (PP 3 type) and have the same appearance as their GX200 hard wired low voltage counterparts.

This VHF wireless PIR detector has a transmission range of up to 1Km line of sight if used with an RX16DC receiver and AE173 aerial. Day time operation can be inhibited if required. Compatible receivers are:
RXB plug in bleeper with built in receiver.
RX300 lighting control unit with built in receiver.
RX400 receiver for use with DX100 lighting control unit.
RX16 CCTV interface receiver with up to 16 outputs.
RX16DC High sensitivity version of the RX16.

The TX500 has been DTI approved and is license exempt. For use in the UK only.


Supply 9 volt battery (PP 3) type. Use alkaline long life type or lithium
Battery life Approx. 36 months (depending on situation). Battery life approx 50,000 transmissions Alkaline or 100,000 Lithium.
Transmitter power 10 milli-watt with external aerial
Frequency 173.225 Mhz (VHF MPT 1344)
Modulation Pulse Modulation AM
Site Codes 32
Unit Codes 16 Use these with the RX16 receiver and RX16DC receivers
Siting Can be mounted in horizontal or vertical modes and adjusted to various angles
Detection Passive Infrared
Coverage options 15m Medium range
40m Narrow range
12m Horizontal Curtain
12m Vertical Curtain
Range Line of sight between aerials without obstruction up to 100 metres when used with the RXB, RX300, RX400 and RX16 standard. 1000 metres plus is achievable when used with the RX16DC receiver.
Ambient light control Built in light sensor for use with DX100, RX300 and RXB
Temperature range -10 to +60°C
Weather rating IP56
Enclosure Durable ABS UV stabilised housing. Colour grey. Optional black or white colours.