Portable Paging System.


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The new ASTRA portable paging system from Luminite has been designed to provide an effective and robust aid for security man-guard companies.

The system comprises of a pager transmitter with pocket pagers. As you can see from the diagram below, the ASTRA pager transmitter connects to the Luminite masthead receiver over RS232 which in turn links to the Genesis wireless PIR detectors and IR beams.

A unique feature of this system is that each detector can be named using alpha numeric codes which the pager transmitter will send to the pocket pagers allowing for a rapid response to be made.

Up to 64 detectors can work with one masthead and any number of pagers may be used per pager transmitter.

Combining wireless PIR detection with a more informative paging system will make your man-guarding sites work intelligently and effectively by pin-pointing areas of concern, leading to a rapid response and reduced costs.

ASTRA portable paging system diagram


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