Low Voltage
360° Ceiling PIR.


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The pace of the energy efficiency market grows ever faster as it is vital that we do not squander our precious energy resources.

One of the biggest areas of waste energy is unnecessary lighting. By simply turning lights OFF when not required saves energy and of course cost. It is difficult to educate people to switch lights OFF and ON when they are not responsible for paying the electricity bill. This is where automation comes in.

The Luminite PIR systems are suitable for internal areas such as Offices, Storerooms, Gymnasiums etc. in fact any situation where lighting can be automatically turned off when not in use.

A two part system comprising of a DX360 control unit and GX360 PIR detector. This ceiling mount 360 deg PIR has a built in microphone for sound detection as well as Infra Red detection. This will help keep the lights on even if the PIR detector cannot see movement. The sound detector is tuned to the frequency of speech and therefore just talking on the phone or to a colleague will hold the lighting ON. The sound detector can be disabled when used in noisy environments. Up to four of these PIR's may be connected to one DX360 control unit using only four core alarm cable.

Ideal for offices, warehouses, changing rooms and much more.


Variable PIR sensitivity
Variable audio sensitivity ( may be switched off)
Built in light sensor
360 deg lens covers 8 Metres diameter @ 2.4 Metres height
Operating voltage 12 Volts DC supplied from DX360


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