Fire rated,
Flush Mounting,
360° occupancy detector.


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Leaving lighting switched on when there is nobody present is one of the most common ways of wasting precious energy. By automatically controlling lighting using PIR detection it is possible to save up to 40% of energy that would otherwise go to waste. There are ethical reasons, not just financial for doing this and the Luminite FC360 detector is an ideal product to help you achieve this aim.

Because the FC360 is flush mounting, a hole must be cut in the ceiling fire barrier. Building and wiring regulations require breaches of a fire barrier to be replaced by materials that will maintain the integrity of that barrier in the event of a fire. The FC360 is made of steel and packed with intumescent material which plugs the hole in the event of a fire and maintains the integrity.

The true benefit of the FC360 is that its power consumption in stand by mode is far less than 1 watt which means that it will not waste energy to save energy. Many similar products on the market today are in fact using up to 6 watts of power just in stand by mode. This power is wasted every hour of the products life and wastes as much as it saves. The Luminite FC360 doesn't just conform to the new EC standards but goes even further to help you save energy.

Two switching modes are provided. ON OFF relay contacts for standard ballasts and 1-10 volt for dimmable ballasts. With the latter the lights don’t actually turn off fully but instead dim back to 10%. This extends the life of the lamps and is also a safety feature so that rooms and corridors are never in total darkness.


1–10 volt output for dimmable ballasts
Fire & Acoustic Rated Suitable for 30 and 60 minute fire rated ceilings
Under 1 Watt power consumption in standby mode. Conforms to new EU regulations
IP44 construction for zone 2 bathroom use
360 degree field of view covers up to 8 metres diameter at a mounting height of 2.5 metres
Interchangeable front bezels: Supplied with Brushed Chrome, Brass and White
Adjustments can be made without removing the product from the ceiling
Wide voltage range from 75 volts to 275 volts 50 or 60Hz
Switch capacity of 10 amps 230 volts 50Hz. 1KW resistive and 300W inductive.
Screwless terminal block and snap on cable clamp for rapid installation
Flush mounting
Rugged metal construction
Small size


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